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Observational drawing is an intensive contact with people and places, objects and topics. It’s a concentrated, playful discovery of given forms and perspectives. My eyes and my hand interact and create a new picture.

Observing people and perceiving different contexts is also part of trend research. Future potentials are revealed by bringing current structures together with drivers of change. It’s about how we want to live tomorrow and thus my articles focus on the Trend Receiver method and people with visionary competence.

This blog displays both my drawings and research. Or in other words my curiosity and independent yet connected approaches to people and prospects.

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site + sites

Sometimes we all sit and look into one direction and sometimes we add digital use.  Having always been fascinated by picture-in-picture pictures I have started the “site + sites“ drawing series.


Traveling to Brazil in November I have drawn friends from Volta Redonda, Rio Claro, Rio, Guarabira, Bananeiras and João Pessoa as well as two beach situations.



Shoptables are an interesting and divers element of store interior design and offline consumption culture. They vary from rammage tables to functional racks to lively stages for products. Shoptables can be crystalline shrines, huge counters and filigree or flamboyant podiums. Sometimes shoptables invite to touch the products and to play with them and sometimes they create respectful distance. I have started a drawing series of shoptables and the stores they are part of.

Interplay of data knowledge and visionary competence
(Statement at 29th Alpbach Finance Symposium, Alpbachtal, Austria)


The exponentially rising quantities of collected, edited, interrelated and analyzed data offer new opportunities to reveal peoples‘ behaviors and preference patterns. They open up huge opportunities to develop innovative applications, products and services and to further automatize and tailor processes.
The counterpart and companion to the increasing importance of algorithms are ideas, stories, visions, intuition, playfulness and courage. Thus creative and emotional capabilities gain new relevance. Successful business models, products and services for the 2020s will emerge from skilful combinations of both data knowledge and visionary competence.